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pre wedding photo shoot in Ritz London

Pre wedding photoshoot in The Ritz London

Pre wedding photoshoot in The Ritz London It’s been a while since we last posted, but don’t you worry,View full post »

top pre wedding photographer in England pre wedding photo shooting


PRE WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT PRICE Well – the first request when when opening an enquiry from a client is pre weddingView full post »

Asian pre wedding photo shoot in London – spring photo shoot in London

 We are Asian pre wedding photo shoot experts in London. Yes, that’s a fact – we shoot lots of pre weddingView full post »

Pre wedding photo shooting in London – winter and night photo shoot.

Pre wedding photo shooting in London. The season for pre wedding photo shooting in London starts early in the yearView full post »

Hong Kong pre wedding photo shoot by photographer Janis Ratnieks

Day two in our Hong Kong shootout – check the day 1 here  – today it was Winnie and Ken who stood in frontView full post »

Paris engagement photography – pre wedding photoshoot

Check out one of my favourite pre-wedding photoshoots in Paris. The couple turned out to be a long time fans of ourView full post »

London prewedding photography, photos in Richmond Park Piccadilly and more…

Where do you guys live? Hammersmith they say – OK, let’s start there then! That’s the easy wayView full post »

Rome and Tivoli, Italy pre-wedding photography

No, I didn’t see any Gladiators out there, but yes, we where in Rome and that was not that long ago! We whereView full post »

Best prewedding photography in Paris

Hello, I’m thrilled to share one of my shoots in Paris. Tabitha and Nathan came from USA on the day of theView full post »

Pre-wedding photography in London: Elke and Chris

Weather in London is a tricky thing – you never know what’s it going to be! As you see in the first photosView full post »

Pre Wedding photography in Hong Kong Part 1: Tiffany and Joe

Greetings from Hong Kong! Last week was epic – we where in Hong Kong! WOW, what a city, what a place and what aView full post »

London engagement photo shoot – Becky and Roger by pre wedding photographer London Janis Ratnieks

Very often I’m being asked the same question – what makes London a great place for pre wedding photography?View full post »

Pre wedding photography in London: Candy and Desmond

How would you like to spend this this afternoon? Here’s an idea – why don’t you hop on the plane,View full post »

spring flower prewedding photoshot

Pre wedding photography in Paris: Jonas and Adam by Janis Ratnieks wedding photography, London.

Welcome to Paris, the city of love. It’s a great place to take the pre wedding photos and it’s a great timeView full post »