Rome and Tivoli, Italy pre-wedding photography

No, I didn’t see any Gladiators out there, but yes, we where in Rome and that was not that long ago! We where there to do the pre-wedding and after that the actual wedding photography for Jacqui and Ben – a cool couple from Singapore! It was totally worth all the hassle for them, just imagine travelling all that distance with the wedding gown, but I’m glad they did it! The pre wedding pics turned out great – we started in the ancient town of Tivoli  – the ruins provided the perfect atmosphere for pre wedding photography – the morning sun added the crisp look to the photographs. After that we hit the Rome with a “guided tour” buy our cab driver – he said that he had seen it all – Prada photoshoot on your right, Nike photo shoot on your left and don’t even mention Gucci they’ve done it everywhere! Anyway – we did it our way and check the results below: