Well – the first request when when opening an enquiry from a client is pre wedding photoshoot price. To be honest – you can’t put a price on that that easy, so what I’d like to hear from you are your ides, how unique do you want your pre wedding photoshoot to be – maybe you want something different – that’s the dream enquiry for every photographer. So was with this couple – Athena and Lee – they wanted something different in their pre wedding photoshoot – we went out for a photoshoot in a lavender field – lovely colours out there – I’m not sure, if that’s the best location for trying out bikes, which the couple are obvious fans of, but still, loved the idea.Funny thing, although we got the permission from the farm owners to ride a bike on their territory – the police still came to monitor us:) Next thing we went out to another farm with forests and vineyards – lovely setting, very British. As we had the shoot in Southern England, we decided to make a little loop, extend it for few hours and go to the beautiful white rocks on the Southern Coast, where we did one of the best Asian pre wedding shoots ever – love the red dress, love the sunset, the tide was low, so we had a great reflecting background. The couple was very pleased with the photo shoot and it was a day well spent. We have also published photoshoot in our wedding photography blog: Pre wedding photography ion England – London wedding photographer.

So the question is simple – pre wedding photoshoot price – I say it’s priceless, but, if you want that answered, please get in touch with us through CONTAC US page. We provide pre wedding photoshoot and wedding photography services for Asian couples throughout Europe – the most popular places being London, Paris, Amalfi coast in Italy, Rome, Venice and Riga.

what is the pre wedding photoshoot price in england

pre wedding photoshoot price - is that really the question

  • July 17, 2015 - 7:54 am

    CHAN WING HAN - I will come to honeymoon in london and would like to take pre-wedding photos on 15/8/2015? Are you free to take the photos for us? Can you reply me the package prices…? I want to take a half day shoot with Castle, Big Ben and London Bridge….If possible, we want some sunset and night shoot of the Bridge tower. I look for your reply.ReplyCancel