London engagement photo shoot – Becky and Roger by pre wedding photographer London Janis Ratnieks

Very often I’m being asked the same question – what makes London a great place for pre wedding photography? Well, it’s the diversity – you get the skyline of a city, you get the jungle, river and parks with deer!!! Yes, that’s right – deer – see the photos below, taken in the Richmond Parkin London. Advice – if you decide to go to Richmond park, let’s say for a picnic or if you have hired a pre wedding photographer and just want to make some engagement photos, if you arrive there by taxi, make sure you have the phone number of the same taxi driver, as on return he will be the only one to know, where he has dropped you off – otherwise you’ll be waiting for an hour or two to get another cab!  Every time I take couples out for the photoshoot I find something new for myself – that’s the other thing I love about my job! This time Roger and Becky introduced me to that church that’s full of jungle – I kind of knew that the place exists, but I had never seen it in color – boy was I surprised – it turned out to be a great location for a romantic getaway shoot – it just doesn’t look real, but it is. Just have a look at that light – some say I’m obsessed with light, but that’s one of the things I like about photography – I use natural light 99% of the time – and in any light there is something beautiful. Please join Becky and Roger at their engagement photo shoot – which turned out to be the hottest day in London in the summer of 2011. If you want to book me for a similar photo shoot in London or anywhere else, please CONTACT ME through this form and we will sort everything out.


pre wedding photographer London

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